• Dorsal Stretcher & Massager
  • Dorsal Stretcher & Massager
  • Dorsal Stretcher & Massager
  • Dorsal Stretcher & Massager
  • Dorsal Stretcher & Massager
  • Dorsal Stretcher & Massager

Dorsal Stretcher & Massager

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🌟 Ultimate Neck & Shoulder Relief Kit 🌟

⚡ Key Features ⚡
Trapezius Trigger Point Release: Targets upper back, neck, and shoulder blade tension. Helps alleviate pinched nerves and muscle tightness.
Occipital Neuralgia Relief: Aids in alleviating headaches and neck muscle tension. Targets occipital nerves and neck trigger points.
Forward Head Posture Correction: Counteracts negative forces caused by poor posture. Supports proper cervical lordosis, relieving TMJ disorder, neck pain, and hunchback.
High Quality: Sturdy and resilient EVA material with portable design. Comes with a storage bag for on-the-go relief.
Therapy On-the-Go: Non-electric neck stretcher for pain relief anytime, anywhere.

📋 How to Use 📋
- Find a Comfortable Spot: Lay down or sit back in a quiet area for about 10 minutes.
- Position the Device: Place the neck support around the middle of your neck.
- Adjust for Comfort: Move the device up or down along your spine for the most comfortable position.
- Relax & Breathe: Allow your neck to settle into the support. Take slow, deep breaths to enhance relaxation.
- Observe Your Posture: Notice how the support reinforces your posture and releases tension.
- Reposition as Needed: Gently adjust every few minutes to prevent fatigue.
- Start Slowly: Begin with 5 minutes and gradually increase the duration as you feel comfortable.
- Note: Initial discomfort may occur as your muscles adjust. Discontinue use if pain persists.

🔍 Specifications 🔍
Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Color: Orange
Size: Approx. 19.8 x 7.7 inches
Package Includes: 1 x Occipital Release Tool

💡 Additional Features 💡
Ergonomic Design: Mimics pressure produced by massage therapists. Supports trapezius myalgia relief.
Silicone Material: Made of food-grade silicone for optimal pressure point firmness and durability.
Self-Weight Traction: Independently applies traction for safe and effective relief.
Acupressure Therapy: Stimulates strained muscle Qi and blood flow with precise acupoint distribution.
Environmentally Friendly: Constructed from eco-friendly EVA material, widely used for children in Japan.




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